Meeting notes: 

Darr: Chris Sorensen reported they purchased a fish fryer at a cost of less

than $500.  He also reported the WRP has approved $70,000 for work on the

control structures at the ponds. 

Hunter Britt of Boy Scout Troop 370 presented a proposal for his Eagle Scout

Project.  He will refinish the existing Darr sign and is building a new one

for the lot on Benton-Carroll and Duff-Washa roads.  He will be installing a

hinged flag pole with solar lights.  He estimated $300 in materials and

tools to complete the project.  Tony Tyson made a motion and John Brikmanis

seconded it to approve the project and use money from the Darr account.

Motion passed.

Gene Baker reported 20 adults and 2 kids participated in the archery program

this year.

Hunt Committee:  Adam Vargo, Boy Scout Troop 342 brought in one of the

pheasant boxes he completed for his Eagle Scout Project and turned in his

bills for the materials.

Shelly Schutte requested use of the club on April 16 for a Mother’s Day

event with Wistinghausen Florist and open house September 20th.  Richard

Rudes made a motion to approve the dates and John Brikmanis seconded it.

Motion passed.  The Lady Hot Shots also donated money to Zac Whitman, Hunter

Britt and Logan Snodgrass for their Boy Scout summer trip.

New Business:

Port Clinton Police Department is requesting use of the 50 yard indoor and

the outdoor range June 1st through the 5th for training and qualifications.

They will be using the ranges from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.  Richard Rudes made a

motion to approve this and Chris Sorensen seconded it.  Motion passed.

Terry Rudes reported he received a request from the Nick Fish family for a

donation to help cover costs for Nick to attend Boy Scout summer camp in

Kansas.  Nick has special needs and requires an aide at a cost of $1,000.

That amount is above the normal summer camp fee.  Chris Sorensen made a

motion to donate $349 from the Darr account.  Tony Tyson seconded the

motion.  Motion passed.   

Terry Rudes also mentioned when leaving the club make sure both doors are

shut tightly.  The doors have been found open recently.  If the inside door

is not shut tightly and the outer door is opened the inside door comes open.